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Card embossing

When cards are embossed they receive a three-dimensional effect to the embossed letters and numbers. The raised letters and numbers can then be coated with a variety of different colours such as gold, silver, black and white.

All debit and credit cards have characters embossed into them, as do some loyalty cards, membership cards and photo ID cards. Card embossing enhances the overall impression of the card, creating a sense of quality and value.

Although it is possible to emboss characters anywhere on the card, it is usual for cards to be embossed in the bottom half of the card, and in accordance with ISO specifications. This helps to ensure the embossing will not compromise any signature panel and / or magnetic stripe on the reverse of the card. Cards can only be embossed on one side.


  • Embossed cards give a sense of quality and value
  • Three-dimensional characters give a more tactile feel
  • ISO specification standardises the layout of embossed data
  • Read only data is easily readable with the human eye

At our in-house full service bureau and fulfilment centre in the UK, CPS can manage all card printing and embossing requirements. For more information please contact us.

Creating a sense of value with a loyalty card (case study)

A loyalty customer required a card that would give the customer the feel of a card that should be valued, such as a debit or credit card.

What makes bankcards different to most cards that are issued for loyalty is the embossing of the account details and customer's name.

Card embossing gives the card a more tactile feel, and when finished in silver or gold it displays the classic bankcard look. This gives the cardholder more of an affinity with the card and makes it more likely they will keep the loyalty card on their person, in their wallet or purse.

CPS can help with all card printing and embossing requirements - for more information please contact us.