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Key features

  • From simple photo ID cards to smart cards
  • Full range of anti-fraud features available
  • Produced in our UK in-house bureau

Issuing photo ID cards is one of the more noticeable and cost effective things that can be done within an organisation to enhance security.

Implementing features such as hot foil stamping, embossing and holographic overlays reduce the probability of unauthorised copies being produced. And implementing the correct technology can give you the ability to use these cards for a wide range of applications, from access control to PC login and more.

Making use of these features in conjunction with a technology card can not only ensure the visual verification but also determine the identity of the carrier for using other applications within your facility. Dual verification can be achieved through a number of different technologies, from barcode and magnetic stripe through to contactless smart cards with embedded chips.

At CPS we have a full in-house service bureau and fulfilment centre, fully equipped to handle even the most demanding of ID card printing requirements.

For more information about our ID card printing services please contact us.

Rapidly delivering 18,000 ID cards (case study)

A distinguished University in the UK needed to issue 18,000 identity cards to students and staff before the start of the new academic year.

With a new physical access control system having been introduced over the summer break, the University did not have the in-house capability to turn around the required volume of cards within the available timeframe.

CPS rapidly implemented a solution to ensure students and staff would receive their new identity and access smart cards in time for the new academic year. The University's data was exported and then cleansed, removing duplicate records (which had not been done since the previous system had been installed).

Having cleansed and de-duplicated the data, CPS then encoded six sectors on a 4K Mifare card, printed a Telepen barcode on the reverse, and encoded the magnetic stripe on the reverse with a bespoke format.

With the data applied, the cards were then printed with full colour print to the face of the card with details such as photo, name, course details, and so on.

Having agreed the formatting detail, the cards were all produced and delivered in 5 working days, ready for the University to issue to students and staff at the beginning of the new academic year.

For more information about our card printing services please contact us.