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Magnetic stripe

Magnetic stripe technology has been around for a long time, since the early 1960's in fact. However, the technology has continued to evolve with enhancements and innovations in recent years meaning that many of the old arguments for avoiding it simply no longer apply.

Advancements in security, combined with higher coercivity (the resistance to damage from magnetic fields), have resulted in an increase in the use of magnetic stripes over the years.

We now see the use of magnetic stripes broadening, no longer seeing them only on credit and debit cards but now on airline and other transport tickets, on time and attendance cards and even on access control cards.

At our in-house full service bureau and fulfilment centre in the UK, CPS is able to manufacture, print and encode cards with standard magnetic stripes as well as with enhanced security magnetic stripes such as Watermark Magnetics.

Benefits of magnetic stripe

Magnetic stripes can have a range of significant benefits over some other technologies, particularly when used in an appropriate situation:

  • Low cost - perhaps the most obvious benefit of magnetic stripe
  • Writeable data - data can be updated when required
  • Data capacity - higher than Barcode & RFID technologies
  • Ease & speed of use - making them ideal for transit and other applications
  • Well established standards - resulting in high compatibility solutions
  • Secure - particularly when using technologies such as Watermark Magnetics

For more information about magnetic stripe technology or to find out how CPS could help your organisation please contact us.

Combining technologies for true cost savings (case study)

CPS print and encode magnetic stripe cards

CPS print and encode magnetic stripe cards

A London University required a unique data format to be encoded on a batch of new identity and access cards for students and staff members.

The magnetic stripe was required to ensure that the new cards would still work with their existing magnetic stripe readers, while allowing the same cards to be used with a new physical access control system being implemented.

CPS were able to take the specific data format being used by the University, clean and de-duplicate the data before securely encoding the new cards on all three tracks with the data provided.

By combining the new and existing technologies into the one card, CPS was able to provide the customer with a visible cost saving by removing the need to replace their existing card readers prematurely.

For more information about magnetic stripe technology or to find out how CPS could help your organisation please contact us.