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Cards have been used in the retail sector for many years, and this is still one of the strongest markets because of the great impact that they have in boosting business.

The three main card uses are Discount Cards, Gift Cards, and Loyalty Card, which are described in the page below.  In addition to this retails also have staff cards and access control cards, that are described in their associated sector descriptions.

Discount Cards

Discount Card

Discount cards are useful for promotions to give to exsiting customers or potentially new customers.  The cards are a great format compared to other promotional materials such as flyers, as cards themselves are easy to carry, and longer lasting.

For repeat buisness why not try giving customers a discount card for their next visit, a cost effective way to get people coming back.

Give your one-off promotion a real look of quality, so that your customers take notice. There is plenty of room for great artwork, messaging, and even get your supplier's  logo so they might even cover the cost of the cards.

For further information on discount cards please call 01242 5885999 or email

Gift Cards

Gift Card

Gift cards for retailers give a perfect way of getting a brand in front of customers.

Seasonal promotions mean that exciting designs will keep your promotions and image fresh and up-to-date, as well as relevant to the time of year that people are buying the cards for.

So why not get creative with Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Maybe a great summer holiday design, or Easter promotion.  Plus you can choose the denomination of the cards to fit your business spend levels, so £5, £10, £20, even £100.

For further information on gift cards please call 01242 5885999 or email

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Card

Loyalty cards are used by business large and small, and the retained customer support, means that this is a great way for you to develop your brand laoyalty.

Not only can we offer vibrant and exciting designs to match your business needs, we can also provide the support you need to capture spending patterns, customer contact information, and SMS and email campaigns.

Our bureau can even personalise the cards with your customer information to make your brand association stronger.  Plus with our fulfilment equipment the card can be attached to a letter, marketing material added and sent directly to your customer.

Our in-house developed web based system, is scalable from a single site, right through to multiple organisations operating in several currencies.

For further information on loyalty cards please call 01242 5885999 or email

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CPS is the UK and Ireland dirstributor for Gemalto Security Solutions.

CPS Appointed

CPS appointed distributor & reseller by Precise Biometrics.


As an ITSO Member, CPS delivers ITSO-Compliant smart card solutions.