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Feitian OTP c100

A One-time password token thinner than 1mm a combination of card and OTP.

The card designed to fit in your wallet and meets the ISO-7810-ID01 standard..

Available in both generic unbranded version or a fully customised and personalised token

Product Details

Strong two-factor authenticator through dynamic password technology

• Unique password generated each time, password cannot be reused

• Zero software install at client side

• Zero footprint authentication

• Minimum change to existed static password authentication system

OATH compliant time-based TOTP device

• Compliant with OATH open algorithm

• Easy to be integrated with 3rd party OATH authentication system

• PSKC and Clear CSV format seed code

Easy to use and portable

• Simple one-click to generate the one-time-password

• No PIN needed

• Independent to end-user environment. No external connection is needed

• Easy to carry in your wallet

Single-button OTP hardware token

• 6-character high contrast LCD display with a count-down timing bar

• One built-in button

• Onboard accurate Real Time Clock (RTC)

• Non-replaceable built-in battery

• Secure Random Access Memory (RAM)

• Unique token serial number

Secure, robust and long life hardware design

• Battery lifetime expectancy above 5 years

• Seed code stored with encryption and protection

• Tamper evidence

Flexible customization options

• Customizable 6 pass code

• Customizable OTP refresh frequency (for time based algorithms)

• Full face and reverse Branding with a MOQ of only 500 units

• Complete personalisation service for reverse of card

• Customizable end-user packaging and fulfilment

NFC, Create your own seed with simple smartphone

• Burn your own seed with Feitian specialized application

• Enhance your security by creating and managing your own seed data.

Support FOAS server

• Standard Radius authentication service

• Easy to integrate with a wide range of authentication and access gateway solutions

• Centralized authentication and graphical management system

• Stable performance under heavy duty environment

Manufacturer Informtion

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Manufacturer Part Numbers

OTP cvc 200e

Additional Information

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