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Gemalto IDBridge CL3000


If you require a smart card reader for physical and logical access control that is versatile and flexible enough to cope with your challenging business needs then the ID Bridge CL3000 will exceed your requirements.

This smart card reader has a variety of uses and is suitable for physical and logical access control for retail and transit application, as well as e-banking transactions and loyalty programs.

The IDBridge CL3000 smart card reader is also appropriate for businesses needing secure personnel identification access to their offices and giving access to company information or applications. The IDBridge CL3000 smart card reader has plug and play functionality, runs on Windows OS drivers and doesn't require any installation software ensuring ease of use and reduced running costs.

The card reader is compliant with CCID USB protocol, all the latest industry standards and combines contact and contactless card interfaces in this single USB reader. The IDBridge CL3000 smart card reader offers a lightweight and ergonomic design and if speed is crucial then this smart card reader will deliver as it is designed to meet the demanding needs of both public and private organisations.

The IDBridge CL3000 has an option to include a stand base that promotes comfortable desktop use.

Manufacturer Part Number

Gemalto IDBridge CL3000 without stand HWP118184

Gemalto ID Bridge CL3000 with stand HWP118830

Additional Information

This product has been issued with an End-Of-Life statement  from the 30th March 2016. Stocks of this product may become limited after this time.

For further information about this product please call 01242 588599 or email

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