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Gemalto IDBridge K30


  • For Plug-in (SIM) card size
  • Portable USB device
  • Fits a standard keyring

The Gemalto IDBridge K30 offers all the power of a multi-application dynamic smart card in a USB key , the ideal for users who require a combination of security and portability.

Secure, portable and customizable

The Gemalto IDBridge K30 size has been optimized to be smaller than a conventional house key, and can be easily carried on a key ring.

Easy to deploy

The Gemalto IDBridge K30 reader is distributed independently of the plug-in (ID-0) card, facilitating production and smart card issuance. It operates with Microsoft CCID driver, inbox VISTA and Seven, removing the need of a driver installation.

Easy to use

The SIM sized smart card can be easily inserted and removed from the plastic shell. Once inserted, it is strongly maintained for maximum reliability.

Previosuly known as the Gemalto USB Shell Token V2

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Gemalto IDBridge K30

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