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Gemalto IDBridge K50


The new ID Bridge K50 (shell token v3) keyring sized USB connected plug-in format smart card reader that is both waterproof and tamper resistant. Designed to give you maximum flexibility to choose the smart card of your choice making the ID Bridge K50 the ideal solution for users requiring security and portability.

The ID Bridge K50 (from Gemalto) is a black semi transparent USB tamper resistant and waterproof USB reader for SIM sized cards. This reader is supplied by smartware2u complete with a connecting loop/lanyard in order to prevent the top being lost. The ID Bridge K50 is currently the only USB reader in a token format that is both tamper resistant and waterproof.


  • Identity protection
  • Logical security
  • Data security

Key Benefits

  • Easy to Install (Plug and Play)
  • Easy to Use (compatible with leading operating systems)

Standards Based

  • Supports all ISO 7816, EMV and memory cards (5V/3V/1.8V) up to 500Kbds
  • Compliant with PC/SC V2, USB2.0, CCID1.0 and EMV L1

Manufacturer Part Number


Additional Information

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