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Gemalto IDClassic 10


  • Easy application development
  • PIN Protected
  • Electronic purse for debit, credit and signature transactions

This new card range was built on the need from Governments, Health Inssurances, Public organizations and Banks to switch to secure storage and EMV technology with minimal impact on their existing infrastructure and value-added applications.

At the same time, the best security measures were implemented to safeguard against all known attacks against smart cards.

It has been adopted as the national standard for electronic purse in some countries, while being the de facto standard in others for e-ID, e-healthcare and banking cards.

Gemalto customers, more than 350 worldwide, and partners choose MPCOS because it is easy to use, comes with good technical support, tools and documentation, and it is a generally well-known solution for system developers.

More than 110 million cards have already been deployed worldwide.

The MPCOS card permits you to combine the following applications:

  • E-ID and e-healthcare: identification, healthcare, electronic benefit transfer, electronic health record
  • Financial services: debit/credit, pre-authorized debit, electronic purse, e-loyalty, on-line banking authentication
  • Electronic business security: web authentication using 3DES
  • Corporate and schools: combined identification, physical access and electronic purse
  • Transport: electronic road pricing, toll collection

The Gemalto IDClassic 10 (MPCOS EMV R5) complies with international standards:

  • ISO 7816
  • EMV 2000

Gemalto MPCOS technology enjoys industry-wide support because it provides a fast, flexible and cost effective smart card application environment.

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