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Gemalto IDClassic 340


Gemalto IDClassic Trusted PKI Cards (TPC) are smart cards designed for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) based applications and are instantly compatible with Classic Client Software.

All IDClassic TPC cards from Gemalto are based on a Trusted Open Platform (TOP) Java Card platform and the IDClassic applet. This means that the appropriate services are available in providing a Network Identity solution that work with the ID GO (Classic Client) software.

The IDClassic TPC card guarantees that any PKI service is available in a single card and fully supports all the required Public Key features in order to be integrated in a PKI application. If your business requires a card to work with Classic Client software and a PKI smartcard solution then the Classic TPC is a strong performer in this field due to its high performance and that it is a TOP Java Card.

TPC Card, CC EAL4+ certified contact only.

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