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Gemalto IDPrime .NET 511


If your business requires a contactless element with your smart card the .Net 511 gives you the options 4K MIFARE, DesFire EV1, or HID card body option. Designed for multi-applications such as physical access control, loyalty programs and ticketing systems this card delivers with fast data transfer and high data integrity. Ideal for coporate badges where a single managed identity is a requirement.

The IDPrime.Net 511 card operates at a distance of up to 100mm at an operating frequency of 13.56 MHz and the contactless transmission of data is powered by the RF-field. The contactless card also has 4KB of non-volatile memory, a high speed triple-DES data encryption processor as well as employing a mutual 3-pass authentication technique. This advanced smart card complies with ISO 14443-4 and ISO 7816-3 and is your business solution for secure contactless transport applications and loyalty programs.

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