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The Trusted Open Platform (TOP) IM FIPS CY2 is a 64KB cryptographic Java Card from Gemalto that is suitable for government agencies and large corporations for securing network infrastructures. With its java-based industry standards for open platform smart cards, this card allows for a variety of card body configurations including supporting contactless chip and magnetic strips. The TOP IM FIPS CY2 is extensively used by many organisations today.

The Gemalto TOP IM FIPS CY2 is a smart card thatis fully compliant with Java Card and open platform specifications. The card promotes secure multi-application and post-issuance support providing a powerful firewall between applications while ensuring all the necessary cryptographic algorithms, symmetric key based and key based support. If your business needs to ensure maximum security then this crypto card all the security features that you will require to protect all your sensitive data and functions in the card.

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