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K8 Wireless Charger Sterilizer


  • UVC Sterilization Compartment
  • Aromatherapy Disinfection
  • Fast Wireless Charger


The K8 Wireless Charger Sterilizer is a 3-function unit that is handy on any desk or side-table. The unit is connected to power via a standard USB-C cable, and it is recommended to use a 2A power adaptor.

To steralize your phone and/or other items lift the lid and place inside the chamber. Then just shut and press a button. There is a choice between a 10 minute and 30 minute cycle. To prevent you being exposed to any UVC light there is a safety magnetic switch on the unit to detect the lid being opened.

You can also use aromatherapy oil at the same time as the steralize cycle, with just 2 drops of oil on the special diffuser in the chamber.

Within the lid of the unit is a built in wireless charger. To indicate that the charger is working the light on the top of the lid will change to red. Phone models such as iPhone X, Samsung Note, S20, S10, Google Nexus etc.

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