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Manufacturing of cards at CPS is done on-site in the UK with our full end-to-end production facility. From taking initial design concepts, printing on our digital press, gloss and matte finish options, embedding chips, adding holograms and signature panels. All under quality control and short delivery timescales.

The Process

Manufacture of cards is broken down into upto 8 stages depending on the type of card you require. With our expertise in manufacture this process is made as easy and quick as possible so that you get the cards you want, and when you want them.  The stages are Design, Print, Collate, Cook, Punch, Embed, Hot Foil and Deliver.


Most of our customers normally have a design agency put together card designs, and we can work with the agency of your choice to make sure designs will work within the manufacturing process.  Alternatively you may want to work directly with us to put together a card design. We do have in-house resources to provide that service, and can go through your design needs to put together artwork ready for printing.


Proofs are provided prior to printing your cards in order that you get to see what the card will look like, and the layout of infotrmation on the card such as names, numbers and barcodes.

Photo-realistic proof

As part of this process we now provide a photo-realistic proof  which will give you a great idea as to how the final card will look.


Once the design has been approved, and the proof signed off we can go to print. Our digital printing press is capable to producing stunning vibrant designs, with photographic images adding real impact.  This base design is normally a static image, but we can vary the image on a card by card basis if required.


Callation is where the face and reverse printed images are brought together, and if required a contactless chip technology layer sandwiched in between. Finally the outer lamination layers are placed over the two printed surfaces. If a magnatic stripe is required this is included in the laminate layer on the reverse.


Once all of the print and laminates are ready the sheets can be bonded together, and this is done under heat and pressure. The types of sheets used afftect the surface finish of the card, and we have a selection of gloss and matte plates. Additionally a bespoke set of plates can be developed if you require an alternative pattern of finish on the card.


Sheets of printed and cooked cards are then punched out to the desired size. By standard we punch cards to the ID-1 size, which is the same as standard bank cards. Alternatives such as key fobs, special shapes, as well as holes for lanyards or clips can all be added.


If the card requires a contact chip, such as a JavaCard or memory chip, we can embed those on-site at our factory.   The process used is a hot glue method, giving a wide choice of card bodies to embed into. This also gives us the flexbility to embed into customer supplied card bodies as well.

Hot Foil (Hologram)

Hot foiling is where a die is heated up and pressed against a foil reel and onto a card body. The foil itself may have an image already printed on it, such as a hologram, or we can have bespoke dies made to produce the security image you need for your scheme.  Each hologram is applied individually to each card.


Once all of the card have been made we can either move them into our secure safes, or deliver them to a desination of your choice.

Further Information

For more information about our card printing and card personalisation services, or how CPS can help your organisation, please use our contact us page  or give us a call on 01242 588599.