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Security Sector

Security solutions are diverse and cover a complete spectrum ranging from government approved encryption to simply displaying an valid identity. At CPS we can provide a complete range of services and products for organisations offering security solutions weather its to complement their data protection products or the services associated with managing access.

Access Control

CPS can provide a range of access control products for installers and integrators that will enable them to provide the right solution for their clients. With integrated readers and controllers starting from under £20.00 we can provide secure access control featuring a combination of technologies, RFID, Biometric, PIN entry and now even entry using mobile phones.

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Logical access

With a complete and comprehensive range of smartcard readers and associated cards and tokens we can provide the right products to implement the right authentication solution weather its for a high security environment using biometrics and PKI and digital signatures to a convenient way to add a 2nd factor to on line authentication CPS provides the products and support to enable any VAR or end user to implement a security infrastructure to protect its applications and data.


CPS provides an affiliate program for its on line identity portal to enable installers and integrators to offer ID card personalisation services to their clients. With bespoke or standard templates the integrator or client can quickly request a bespoke identity card or token that can be delivered direct to the customers premises based on the underlying technologies weather its MIFARE, DESFire, Prox, Paxton Net 2 ,HID or simply magnetic stripe.

Further Information

For more information on how Card Personalisation Solutions can help you out with your security solutions contact us, or call 01242 588599


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CPS is the UK and Ireland dirstributor for Gemalto Security Solutions.


Distributor of FEITIANS's leading OTP, two-factor authentication and smart-card-based security solutions and products.


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