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Small Business Sector


Simply order your ID cards and associated accessories such as lanyards and badge holders from our easy to manage self service portal. This enables companies of any size present a professional image.

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Physical access control

CPS can provide a complete range of products to enable any small company protect its premises. To ensure customers have the flexibility we offer a complete range featuring standalone, Networked or Biometric controlled access control readers. With prices starting from as low as £20.00 you can install the right security system without breaking the bank.

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Data Protection and controlled access

Increasingly the protection data is becoming ever more critical and the need to protect and prevent unauthorised access.  For most small companies this is huge task as they may not have resources or the skills to implement the necessary security processes.  CPS can provide a number of off the shelf plug and play products that will enable organisations of any size improve the security of their PC's and Networks.

With a range of smartcards and tokens starting at less than £10.00 you can ensure you protect access to the data if your laptop/tablet or network gets comparmised.

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Online presence

Do you run an e-commerce site or enable customer or partners to access your systems then you may want to increase your security by adding a 2nd factor authentication (2FA) step above the normal practice of User name and static password. With increasing threats due to hacks you can easily implement cost effective security measures to protect your business.

Read further information about 2FA here 


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CPS is the UK and Ireland dirstributor for Gemalto Security Solutions.


Distributor of FEITIANS's leading OTP, two-factor authentication and smart-card-based security solutions and products.


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