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Personalisation is the word to describe taking a stanard card, tag or other device and modifying it so that it is set up and linked to a particular user. For example, adding a photograph and name to a pre-printed card to create a staff identity card.

With our in-house bureau and self-developed processing software we can offer great flexibility and control over the entire personalisation process.

The Process

Data is provided to our bureau either via written means for, say, a sequential number job, or via a secure data transmission when the information to be provided is personal card holder information.  Our priority is to maintain data security and integrity at all times. With this in mind we can provide audits throughout the personalisation process that customers can feed back into their own data centres.

Once the data has been collected and verified the personalisation can commence, and this is broken down in to visual and digital personalisation. Typically they happen on the same machine at the same time, although this can vary if a more complex or bespoke process is required.

Visual Personalisation



Photographs and Logos


Digital Personalisation

Magnetic Stripe

Contact Chip

Contactless Chip

Further Information

For more information about our card printing and card personalisation services, or how CPS can help your organisation, please use our contact us page  or give us a call on 01242 588599.