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Physical Access Control


Access Control products and services range from the supply of access control components to complete multi-door network solutions. Our services allow you to control and monitor staff access as well as giving you flexibility to use pinpad, rfid or biometric systems that best suit you.


We have a wide range of products off-the-shelf to enable you to deploy an entire access control system, from a single door, to an enitre building.


Readers can be standalone with a built in controller, or communicate via RS232 or TCP/IP back to a controller. 

The range of readers we stock can just read generally come in two contactless versions reading either an EM or RFID technology.  These contactless cards, or used in conjunction with a PIN to add an extra level of security if a card is just picked up and used.

Readers have indicator lights and buzzer so that users have both a visual and audible cue that the card has been read.

Tags and Cards

Tags and cards are used to identify the person to the access control system, each tag is programmed into the system to allow access and tracking information.

Some readers will store this information on board, whereas others will use a central controller.  The tag can be marked as active on one or more readers, giving access control to different zone.

For a cost effective solution companies double up the use of their access control cards as an identity card as well. Alhough we can supply the access control card as a key fob, depending on what type of form better suits your workplace.


The controller is a device that communicates with both the readers and the doors lockes.

It takes a signal from readers representing the reader identifier and the card. This information is checked against a database to make sure details such as if the card is still permitted to be used on the system, or if it has been lost or reported stolen.  The location of the reader will also see if the card holder is permitted to enter that zone.

On a successful scan the card holder will either be allowed access or denied, and the transaction information stored for future analysis, to look at work flow and time and attendance.


The output from a controller can be used to trigger a lock to activate. There are different lock types, and range from a simple door lock to turnstiles and barriers. All of these locks take a signal from the controller and based upon this signal access is granted.

The locks are normally referred to as of type NC (normall closed) or NO (normally open), and this relates to how the lock maintains it's closure. A magnetic door lock that relies on an electromagnet to get the door closed is an example of a NC lock. A turnstile that relies on a signal to activate the barrier would be a NO lock.

There will be a solution to fit wooden doors, exterior doors or even glass doors, so that you can maintain security.

Buttons and Power Supplies

Supporting components include emergency break glass buttons, push buttons and power supplies to complete the overall access control system. These come in varying sizes and styles.


Many of the multi-door controllers come with software to allow you to manage and monitor the access control system either on-site or remotely via your company network.  Software management can also allow remote locking and unlocking of doors so, for example, in the case of a fire the system can be programmed to unlock all of the doors on the emergency exit routes.  If there is an intruder emergency then similarly the system can go into lock-down.

For advice on what the systems we provide can do just give us a call or send an email with your questions.

If you need bespoke software development to integrate with existing systems or software then our in-house team can help you out.  Just let us know what you need and we can go thorugh the solutions we can provide.

Further Information

For more information about our access control services, or how CPS can help your organisation, please use our contact us page  or give us a call on 01242 588599.