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Unbranded Lanyard - 10mm Wide


90cm long, 10mm wide, the most popular lanyard for its smart appearance and breakaway fitting.

Enables the user to easily remove their identity for inspection and reconnect after break. Very safe completely non-metallic construction with plastic dog clip.

The available colours are:

  • Black (Part no. AAC218-BK)
  • Dark Blue (Part no. AAC218-DB)
  • Green (Part no. AAC218-GR)
  • Grey (Part no. AAC218-GY)
  • Navy Blue (Part no. AAC218-NB)
  • Orange (Part no. AAC218-OR)
  • Pink (Part no. AAC218-PI)
  • Purple (Part no. AAC218-PU)
  • Royal Blue (Part no. AAC218-RB)
  • Red (Part no. AAC218-RD)
  • White (Part no. AAC218-WH)
  • Yellow (Part no. AAC218-YE)

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