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Ywlight UVC Desktop Sterilizer


  • Desktop UVC Sterilization Unit
  • Can cover an area up to 40 sqm
  • Remote control
  • Variable time cycles 15m, 30m, 60m


The Ywlight UVC Desktop Sterilizer is a unit designed to bacteria and viruses in a smaller space such as a hotel room or an office. The units is in a compact design specifically designed to sit on a desk or table.

The UVC tubes are protected behind a cage design, to allow protection for damage but also the maximum amount of light to be emitted in to the room.  To run you just need to plug in to a standard 3-pin 240v outlet, switch on, and start up using the handy remote control for the desired time frame depending on the room size.

The effective life of each tube is rated at 8000hrs.

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