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Ywlight UVC Standalone Sterilizer


  • Standalone UVC Sterilization Unit
  • Can cover an area up to 200 sqm
  • Remote control
  • Motion sensor auto shut-off and cycle restart


The Ywlight UVC Standalone Sterilizer is a unit designed to bacteria and viruses over a larger area. The units come in a range of sizes to fit the need required, with either a single arm (the i-Series), or a double arm (the y-Series).

When not in use the tubes store away within the unit body to allow for easy movement on the wheeled base, so it can be used in locations all over your business and not just fixed to one room, so saving running costs, and allowing you to sterilize as needed.  To run you just need to plug in to a standard 3-pin 240v outlet, engage the UVC arm(s), and start up using the handy remote control for the desired time frame depending on the room size.

For safety the unit comes with an inbuilt motion sensor, so if someone were to enter the area the device will shut down. Once no movement is detected the unit will restart the cleaning cycle it was on.

The effective life of each tube is rated at 8000hrs.

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